Extreme Trail Horse Training and Sales
The Family and Trail Horse Professionals

Extreme Trail Horse Association
The Extreme Trail Horse Association is a group of people dedicated
to celebrating the trail and family horse.  Throughout the year, we
will host weekly organized trail rides for both beginner level riders
(or those who enjoy an easier ride) and advanced level riders.
We will also be sponsoring Trail Trails in the spring as well as
"Extreme" trail trials for those horse and rider combinations that
are ready for a big challenge.   For more information on the follow-
ing events, please read more below rates.
Robert Carlson will also be giving trail training and riding clinics at
a discounted price to all EXTHA members.  We also hope to
invite some outside clinicians in the future as well.
Our organized trail rides will take place all over Shasta and Tehama
Counties, and trail advice and help is included by Robert at each
Member fees are $50 a year per rider.  Additional family members
(living in the same household) are $25 a year per rider.
Memberships will be available for purchase shortly through our
online store.  Until then, you can sign up at any of our events.

Member Rates
Organized Trail Rides- Free
Trail Trials- $25 per Rider
Extreme Trail Events- $30 per Rider
Trail Clinics- $25 per Rider
Non-Member Rates
Organized Trail Rides- $10
Trail Trials- $40 per Rider
Extreme Trail Events- $45 per Rider
Arena Clinics- $50 per Rider

What are Trail Trials and Extreme Trail Events?
A Trail Trial consists of a ride with approximately 10-12 judged obstacles that you would encounter on a trail ride (logs, creeks, gates, mountain bikers, ditches, BBQ parties, etc.) that appear along a trail of several miles in parks or private property.  All breeds of horses, ponies, and mules/donkeys are allowed.  Confirmation and breeding are never taken into the judges consideration.
Events will not normally be timed, however there may be a time limit on each obstacle to keep the riders behind from being held up.   Riders may ride in groups, making this a great family event.  Riders are judged individually and on how well they negotiated their horse through an obstacle with an emphasis on calmness and safety. Points are given based on this criteria only.
Extreme Trail Races are run on the same course as the trail trials, and are timed events.  The horse and rider combination that successfully negotiate the obstacles and have the fastest time will win the event.  The novice level is a walk/trot timed event great for beginners, and the Advanced/Pro has no speed limit and is for horses and riders that need more of a challenge.  It is not an event for the faint of heart or for first-timers!